Geology is the science that studies the planet Earth in all its components, both internal and external. It is a fascinating discipline that allows us to understand the processes that make our Planet alive, such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and at the same time provides tools and knowledge that are essential to be able to exploit the resources that the Earth offers us while respecting its equilibrium and environment that surrounds us.

Knowledge of the mechanisms of terrestrial dynamics are today essential not only to understand the evolution of the planet, but also and above all to evaluate how human action can modify this evolution. The skills of the geologist is therefore of fundamental importance to mitigate the effects of anthropogenic action on the Earth, in a now established framework of global changes and environmental problems related to pollution. The Geologist represents an indispensable professional figure for identifying possibly renewable and sustainable energy resources and new useful mineral resources or how to recycle raw materials without infinitely depleting the Planet, to manage water resources and geological risks (volcanic, seismic, hydrogeological, environmental) and for an effective and sustainable geo-engineering planning.

To respond to such a broad and complex cultural challenge, the Department of Physics and Geology of the University of Perugia now offers three distinct degree courses, a three-year basic degree and two master's degrees, one of which is divided into two curricula.


Master Degree Courses in Geology

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