Available subjects


Relationship among mechanical properties of clay soils treated with unconventional binders and the mineralogical end microstructural evolution induced by the treatment

C. Cambi - P. Comodi
The mineral composition of icy planets. P. Comodi
Biochar and fly ashes: from wastes to resources for soil improvement and carbon sequestration P. Comodi
Zeolites in circular economy: remeditiation, reuse, recycle A. Zucchini
The mineral physics of carbonates: a key to improve the knowledge on the CO2cycle A. Zucchini - P. Comodi - F. Frondini
Mapping of  fluvial pleistocenic deposits  and relationships with the present hydrographic pattern in the frame of recent and present tectonics F. Mirabella
Morphometric indeces and straem evolution in active extensional basins F. Mirabella
Anomalies of hydrographic network in response to active tectonics F. Mirabella
Modifications of erosion rate across  active tectonic structures F. Mirabella
Hydrogeological study of the well field area along the Nera river downstream Ceselli D. Valigi

Induced seismicity: main causes and case-histories

M. Barchi

Geological survey and structural analysis of 15-20 km2 wide zones of Northern Umbria  (Geologica sheets Gubbio and Nocera Umbra).

M. Barchi
Measuring and mapping soil diffuse degassing for the estimation of deep-gas realease,  tracing tectonic structures and geothermal inevetigations. C. Cardellini
Measuring and mapping soil diffuse degassing for the estimation of deep-gas realease and volcanic surveillance.   C. Cardellini
Characterization of deeep gas transfer through isotopic-geochemical characterization of groundwaters. C. Cardellini
Estimating pre-eruptive conditions and eruption triggering mechanisms by Machine Learning: the study case of Aeolian Islands D. Perugini - M. Petrelli
Evaluation of mining potential of near-Earth asteroids (NEAs): reducing mankind reliance on rare earth metals D. Perugini - M. Petrelli
Hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical study of Argentina spring (Sellano) D. Valigi - C. Cardellini
Hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical study of Triponzo springs (Cerreto di Spoleto) D. Valigi - C. Cardellini