Since 2020 the Master of Science in Petroleum Geology will be replaced by the

click for Petroleum Geology Teaching path for the 2019-20 A.Y.

This is an advanced course in Petroleum Geology awarding a M.Sc. degree based on 120 ECTS credits; this course is fully taught in English.

The length of the Master's Degree is two years.

The main objective of this course is to produce technically qualified, well-rounded petroleum geoscientists with the potential to become leaders in industrial companies; additionally, the course is also an option for graduates wishing to develop knowledge and skills for careers as geoscientists.

The course is based on individual studies and frontal lectures of general geology, sedimentary geology, structural geology and geophysics in relation to petroleum environment and exploration with emphasis in applying modern concepts, methods and technologies (e.g. basin analysis, sequence stratigraphy, petroleum systems modelling, seismic interpretation). The teaching programme provides both theoretical learning and practical workshops, seminars and short courses through a multidisciplinary pathway involving Eni geologists. Fieldwork activity forms an integral part of the training in order to consolidate the student understanding by applying classroom-taught concepts in the field.

Students with a good academic performance have the opportunity offered by Eni-Ecu to attend a 3 months internship at the Eni in San Donato Milanese (Milan) to prepare their master thesis.