The Master's Degree will last two years. The main purpose of this course is to prepare students to face the present frontiers in the Physics research with the potential to become leaders in their research groups.
The course is based on individual studies and frontal lectures. The normal extent for obtaining the Master's Degree is two years. In order to achieve the final title, the student must have acquired 120 credits (CFU). Each
credit corresponds to 25 hours of student work.
The educational activities during the 2 academic years (2020-2021 and 2021-2022) are divided into two semesters, as follows:

1st Year (2020-2021)

Type of activity
Course Credits
fundamental Matter Physics 8
fundamental Particle Physics 8
fundamental Theoretical Physics (mod I + mod II) 6+10
fundamental Laboratory of Physics 8
Student option   6+6

2st Year (2020-2021)

Type of activity Course Credits
fundamental The Physics of many-body systems 8
Student option   12+6
Traineeship   8
Final Exam  


For the complete list of the available courses please check “Manifesto degli Studi - Laurea Magistrale in
Fisica” and “Regolamento della Laurea Magistrale in Fisica”.