The final exam aims to test the ability of the student to work independently and to expose and discuss the results of an original work (Thesis) about a specific topic. The thesis is carried out with the supervision of a teacher (Supervisor), belonging to the teaching staff of the University of Perugia Physical Courses eventually with one or more co-Supervisors. The co-Supervisor must be expert in the topic of the thesis and not necessarily an academic staff. The student makes his dissertation at the presence of a special committee appointed by the educational structure of reference.

The thesis can be either written in Italian or in English.

The student can request the thesis, after the achievement of 60 CFU, by filling in the following document, also signed by the supervisor.
The thesis will be examined by a committee of 3 teachers, chosen by the CCCS (Comitato di Coordinamento per i Corsi di Studio), which will provide an exhaustive assessment with a maximal score of 30 and then the student will defend the thesis against 11 teachers (professors and researchers of the Perugia University).
Further information can be found in regolamento della Laurea Magistrale in Fisica.

The department periodically organizes seminars where each teacher proposes several topics which can be chosen by the student as the main argument of the thesis. By following these seminars, the students will access the research activities of the members of the department and the external organizations which collaborate with the department. Some presentations are available in this link.

The students have to upload the thesis as a pdf file via SOL by the deadline (at least 20 days before the last exam) so that the supervisor might approve it.

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Calendar of Graduation 2020-2021
FINAL EXAM DATE Application for final Degree Thesis to be uploaded
July 22nd , 2021 June 7th , 2021 July 1st , 2021
September 23rd , 2021 August 9th , 2021 September 2nd , 2021