UNIPG EVOLVE 2020 Awards
The team UNIPG SEG STUDENT CHAPTER (www.linkedin.com/company/seg-unipg-student-chapter/?viewAsMember=true) has successfully presented, on the International SEG Virtual conference (seg.org/Am/2020), the results of the work done in a period of 10 months for EVOLVE 2020 PROGRAM, in collaboration with engineering students from Montan Universitat Leoben (www.unileoben.ac.at/)
During the ceremony, we were awarded the following:
1. The Best Investment Opportunity for Taranaki basin (New Zeeland)
2. The Best Economics and Engineering
3. The Best Cloud Collaboration team
4. The Best Multi-Disciplinary Integration
You can watch the entire award ceremony at youtu.be/8CaiWzyRpBk
All through the pandemic, the team had worked hard online and never stopped persevering
till the end. A special thanks to the University of Perugia, The Department of Physics and Geology, and all the professors especially Dr. Maurizio Ercoli that stimulated and supported us during this EVOLVE 2020 program. Thank you for pushing us until the end and enabling us to achieve the best