ENI call 2023

 Eni and Eni Corporate University (ECU) provide to the students of the Master in Geology (all the Italian universities) a maximum number of 3 stages to be held at the ENI headquarters of S. Donato Milanese (MI).

The stage has a duration of 3 months aimed to finalize the Master thesis Project.



To participate to the call, the students of the University of Perugia must have the following requirements:

- to be regularly enrolled at the II year of the Master in Geology for Energy Resources, at the University of Perugia;

- to be 26 years old or younger at the date of 31/12/2022;

- to have an average score of the exams equal or higher than 27/30;

- to have a good knowledge of English (written and oral);

- to have passed at least 4 of the following exams: Sedimentology, Applied Geophysics, Global Tectonics, Structural Geology, Integrated Stratigraphy, Applied Geochemistry, Seismic Interpretation.


The application includes:

- Curriculum Vitae

- Declaration of certification (Transcript of records), provided by the University, including all the exams passed in the Master of Geology for Energy Resources with score and CFU;

- Declaration of certification, provided by the University, including the enrolment (immatricolazione) and the attendance for the II year of the Master in Geology for Energy Resources;

- Self declaration (autocertificazione) of the degree of knowledge of the English language (written and oral), with possible supporting documentation.


Here the link for further information: Bando Progetto Geologia 2023