The Physics and Geology department of the University of Perugia is an international leader in Physics research and teaching. There are almost 100 effective staff members among teachers, researchers, post-docs and Ph.D students. Our main effort will be focused on the education of the future generation of physicists who will investigate the most important questions about the universe.
After the bachelor degree, which provides the basics of the Physics, the student can attend the two years master course aimed to provide the necessary skills to face the most recent and advanced studies in Physics. For this purpose, the teachers will also organize seminars and lectures held by experts in most of the important fields of research.
Each student can choose to attend live or remote lectures. In the first case, after you join the lecture, a numbered spot of the room will be assigned to you. You can change the decision up to your needs every day. In the case of remote lectures and exams the are no limitation for the student.
For further information please contact the local coordinators.

Composition of the Comitato dipartimentale di Coordinamento per la Didattica (CCCS) - PHYSICS:
Prof. Gianluca Grignani (Coordinator)
Prof. Andrea Orecchini
Prof. Simone Pacetti
Dr. Alessandro Rossi

Responsible for the Qualità Didattica
dei corsi di studio - PHYSICS:
Prof. Livio Fanò